ICMI ’17 Paper & ISS ’17 Demo

I’ve had a paper accepted by ACM ICMI 2017 titled “Rhythmic Micro-Gestures: Discreet Interaction On-the-Go” [1]. The paper is about rhythmic micro-gestures, a new interaction technique for interacting with mobile devices. This technique combines rhythmic gestures, an input technique from my CHI 2016 paper, with the concept of micro-gestures, small hand movements that can be performed discreetly. I’ll be giving a talk about this paper at the conference in November, in Glasgow.

We’ve also had a demo accepted by ACM ISS 2017 from the Levitate project [2]. That demo gives attendees the chance to try interacting with mid-air objects, suspended in air by acoustic levitation.

[1] Rhythmic Micro-Gestures: Discreet Interaction On-the-Go
E. Freeman, G. Griffiths, and S. Brewster.
In Proceedings of 19th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction – ICMI ’17, 115-119. 2017.

[2] Floating Widgets: Interaction with Acoustically-Levitated Widgets
E. Freeman, R. Anderson, C. Andersson, J. Williamson, and S. Brewster.
In Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces – ISS ’17 Demos, 417-420. 2017.