I am a post-doctoral Research Associate in the Multimodal Interaction Group in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. I currently work on the Levitate project, which is developing a new form of human-computer interface based on un-instrumented mid-air interactions with levitating physical particles.

I did my PhD at the University of Glasgow, supervised by Stephen Brewster and Vuokko Lantz from Nokia, Finland. My PhD thesis describes interaction techniques for addressing in-air gesture systems. I then worked on the ABBI (Audio Bracelet for Blind Interaction) project, which developed an audio bracelet for the rehabilitation of visually impaired children.

My research interests include multimodal human-computer interaction, novel gesture interfaces, wearable technology and interaction techniques. My PhD research investigated interactions for mid-air gesture interfaces. I am also interested in around-device interaction and gesture interaction with small devices.

In my spare time I like to cycle and drink coffee. I’m an Android developer; also fluent in C#, Java and Python; often work with Arduino; have an eye for design; know a bit about human-computer interaction and good interaction design; and I document my code well.

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