CHI 2018

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I’m going to be at CHI in Montreal next week, to present my full paper, titled “Point-and-Shake: Selecting from Levitating Object Displays”. I’m the last talk in the Input: Targets and Selection session (Thursday 26th April, 9am, Room 517C). Come along to hear about interaction with levitating objects! To find out more, read more about the Levitate project and Point-and-Shake.

I’m also participating in the Mid-Air Haptics for Control Interfaces workshop, run by Ultrahaptics. In the workshop, I’m co-chairing a session with Seokhee Jeon from Kyung Hee University, focusing on the perception of mid-air haptics.

Finally, I’m also going to be chairing the Typing & Touch 2 papers session (Thursday 26th April, 2pm, Room 514B), which has four interesting papers on touchscreen interaction and haptic feedback.