I’m a Lecturer in the Glasgow Interactive Systems Section at the University of Glasgow, in Scotland.

My research is about creating new interactive experiences that reach out to people. My vision is of digital information embodied by physical objects, materials and sensations, not pixels on a screen. Such user interfaces should allow people to interact with technology using the full extent of their physical capabilities. Towards this vision, my work covers several aspects of mid-air interaction, including novel mid-air displays, ultrasound haptic feedback, and mid-air gesture interaction.

I recently worked on the FET-Open/H2020 Levitate project. Levitate manipulates audio waveforms to create new user interfaces that users can see, hear and feel in mid-air. My work on this project explored how ultrasonic manipulation could be used to create new types of mid-air display, with integrated audio and ultrasound haptic feedback.

In my spare time I like to cycle and drink coffee.

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